Hagstrom HIIBN / F400N / HB901

Solid bodied electric bass

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Hagstrom HIIBN (F400N)
Hagstrom HIIBN (F400N)
Model: Hagstrom HIIBN / F400N / HB901
Pickups: Two chrome covered humbucking
Scale: 30 1/2"
Body: Solid birch
Neck: Birch with Rosewood fingerboard. H-rod neck construction. Pearloid dot inlays. Attached to the body with three screws
Hardware: Van Ghent closed gear individual tuning keys
Controls: Individual tone and volume controls for each pickup. Pickup selector switch, and on/off switch
Finishes Cherry, Sunburst and Black

1972 guitar and bass catalogue

A full-scale bass guitar with a booming bass sound. Again two vigourous pickups, each with a separate volume and tone control. With the 3-position switch, - treble, middle and bass level - it enables the player to produce all the much-coveted bass sounds of today - like the "crack", "hollow", "soft", "floating", "sharp" and "clicking" sounds

1975 electrics catalogue

The Special's controls can produce the complete range of todays popular bass effects.

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The Hagstrom HIIBN was the descendent of the HIIB; a broadly similar model produced from 1965-71. The HIIBN shared the same styling, especially with regards the body / scratchplate; but had an entirely different neck, with contrasting peghead arrangement: two per side rather than four-in-a-row. It had new humbucking pickups instead of the older single coil units, and four control pots, rather than one pot and four switches.

They were produced by Hagstrom in Alvdalen, Sweden, between 1969 and 1976; a total of 3493 basses in 14 batches. In America, it was known as the F400N and was Hagstrom's bass companion model to the HIIN (F200N) six string guitar. The model was later renamed HB901 when it was distributed by Ampeg in the mid-70s.

Hagstrom HB901 bass guitars

Stylistically it was also very similar to the Hagstrom H8 eight string bass, but importantly with two volume and two tone controls; a big improvement on the pickup and mute switches of the 1960s Hagstrom basses. Like these other instruments, it also had the on/off switch on the top body horn.

The ornate headstock 'crest' decal of this bass consists of two lions above the legend 'Made in Sweden'
The tuning keys, as was so often the case on 1960s Hagstrom guitars, were made by Van Ghent - in this case large covered gear units, with a two-per-side arrangement

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joe coppage Comment left 28th December 2017 16:04:37 reply
I have a Hagstrom 4 string short scale serial #679556. trying to find out year and value of it since I picked this up for very little. fair condition, finish cracked a bit on back. has 4 slide switches and volume knob on bottom right and the tuning hardware is enclosed.
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 28th December 2017 19:07:22 reply
Hi Joe, batch 679 was of 1003 HIIB basses built between 1966 and 1967
Horacio Grattone Comment left 18th May 2013 16:04:02 reply
Hagstrom Bass HIIBN 1969, I'm trying to determine its value. thanks. Horacio