Hagstrom Guitar Catalogs

Vintage catalogs featuring Hagstrom guitars and basses

Hagstrom guitars were manufactured in Sweden, and were distributed by numerous different companies at different times worldwide; Merson Musical Products, Unicord, and Ampeg in the USA, ARC in Canada and Selmer in the UK. Selmer actually sold some of these guitars with Futurama branding. They appeared in dedicated Hagstrom catalogs, and within distributor catalogs. A selection of vintage literature is reproduced here, some entirely dedicated to Hagstrom guitars, and some with just a small number of Hagstroms (or Futuramas).

1964 Selmer Hofner, Futurama and Hagstrom catalog
1964. Selmer (UK) catalog featuring Hofner, Futurama and Hagstrom guitars (plus some other brands). This catalog includes three Hagstrom solid body guitars and three basses - all with Futurama branding. The H-45 Country Western acoustic is the only guitar offered with Hagstrom branding.
1966 Selmer Hofner, Futurama and Hagstrom catalog
1966. Selmer (UK) catalog featuring Hofner, Futurama and Hagstrom guitars. This catalog includes the new Hagstrom semi-acoustic Viking and Viking bass, plus several acoustics, the H-45, H-45E, H-33, H-33E (actually these model designations are not used here!). The Hagstrom-made solid bodies are branded Futurama, as before, though the range is somewhat diminished with just two guitars and one bass.
1966 Hagstrom catalogue
1966 with the world's fastest playing neck. Two color catalog, produced by Merson Musical Products (New York, USA). 8 pages.
1966 Hagstrom catalogue
1966 Hagstrom guitars and basses move people. The first full color US Hagstrom catalog. Produced by Merson Musical Products (New York, USA). This catalog contains much of the same product range as the previous, shorter Merson publication, though spread over 16 pages.
1968 Hagstrom catalogue
1968 The fastest playing neck in the world. Catalog produced by Unichord (New York, USA). 8 pages. This catalog features the new F-800 (H-8) eight string bass.
1972 Hagstrom catalogue
1972 Hagstrom catalog, produced by Arc (Canada). 8 pages.
1975 Hagstrom catalogue
1975 Hagstrom catalog, produced by Ampeg (Indiana, USA). 14 pages.

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Gibson PAF pickups
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