Hagstrom F200, F300 and F400 bass

Hagstrom 1966 guitar and bass catalog, page 6

Hagstrom 1966 guitar catalog. Page 6. Left hand page of a double page spread on the dual pickup Hagstrom F200 and triple pickup Hagstrom F300 guitars and F400 bass. These guitars, built in Alvdalen, Sweden, were distributed by Merson in the USA, and they are shown here with their American names. These models were also known as HII, HIII and HIIB respectively.

In many ways, these guitars were upgraded versions of the F-11 and F-B basses described and pictured on pages 4-5. They shared the same body shape, neck, and "in-motion" vibrato, but had quite different scratchplate, with separate output jack, rectangular pickups and no 'plate' around the controls. These guitars had recently been updated somewhat, loosing their rounded pickups, and control panel 'plate', though the F-400 bass shown here is an intermediate version, still fitted with the plate of the previous models, though this would not be a feature of Hagstrom basses going forward. Actually, the biggest difference between the guitars described on this page and the F-11 / F-B is the body. These models actually had a plywood body, topped with a brightly painted acrylic cover. By contrast, the F-200 / F-300 / F-400 were solid birch, and were painted in the traditional way. This, of course, allowed the extra sunburst finish, not offered on the cheaper models, along with the standard Red, White, Blue and Black finshes.

Left handed versions of the F-300 and F-400 were also available, but as described here, only in Red, Black and Sunburst.

United States list prices for these models were as follows: F-200 $195; F-300 $215; F-300 LH (left handed) $235; F-400 $195; F-400 LH (left handed) $215.

1966 Hagstrom guitar catalog page 6 - F200 and F300 guitars and F400 bass

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