Hagstrom Impala, Condor and Coronado IV bass

Hagstrom 1966 guitar and bass catalog, page 8

Hagstrom 1966 guitar catalog, page 8. Left hand side of a double page spread - details of Hagstrom's high end solid bodies: the dual pickup Impala and triple pickup Condor guitars, and the Coronado IV bass. The accompanying images appear on page 9. This, being an American catalog (produced by the US distributor, Merson) uses the US name Condor, as opposed to Corvette as used beyond the USA.

The Impala and Condor were both set neck (glued in) guitars, manufactured with a mahogany body and neck, with a rosewood fingerboard. These high end guitars were priced at $299.50 (Impala), $330 (Condor) and $299.50 (Coronado bass) - prices only exceeded by the hollow body models shown on pages 14-15

Hagstrom Impala The exceptional tone of this advanced style-setter makes it an outstanding favourite of the professional musician. The Impala double cutaway features an electrical system with push button controls that gives you 18 different tonal combinations, plus a control to pre-set volume for rhythm or lead playing

Hagstrom Condor This three pick up crowd-pleasing guitar gives you the wide range of 27 total effects plus... all the exclusive features of the Impala

The Coronado bass had been in production since 1963, and the text mentions the Bi-Sonic pickups fitted to this bass. Like most manufacturers, Hagstrom continually tweaked hardware configurations of their instruments. Although Bi-sonic pickups are mentioned, the text is just a reproduction of that used in the previous Merson 'Guitars and Basses' catalog; the image on page 9 shows the latest version of the bass with the newer Hagstrom single coil units.

1966 Hagstrom guitar catalog page 8 - Impala and Condor guitars and the Coronado IV bass

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