Hagstrom Viking guitar and Concord bass

Hagstrom 1968 catalog page 3: acoustic electric guitars and basses

Hagstrom guitar 1968 guitar catalogue, page 3. The first guitars appearing in the '68 US Hagstrom brochure are the hollowbody Viking / Concord bass series - though, being a US publication, these model names are not used, rather V-1 and V-2 (guitars) and C-1 and C-2 (basses). The difference between the models were primarily in ornamentation, with the basic 'series 1' models (V-1 and C-1) having chrome-plated hardware and a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, whilst the 'series 2' models (V-2 and C-2) having gold-plated hardware with an ebony fretboard with block inlays.

The models pictured are all fitted with Hagstrom's crest tailpiece, though the guitar models were offered with an optional Bigsby tailpiece - either chrome (VB-1) or gold (VB-2) plated. The image used is the same as that used on page 15 of the 1966 Hagstrom catalog here, though not in color.

The list of finishes for all models were Mahogany Sunburst and Cherry Red, as described in the 1966 publication, but now also Golden Mahogany Sunburst.

1968 US list prices for these guitars were as follows: V-1 $275; VB-1 $325; V-2 $425; VB-2 $500; C-1 $285; C-2 $435. As to be expected, the prices for the series 1 instruments have risen since the previous catalog, though the series 2 instruments have remained static. Were the higher end instruments not selling?

"True sound"... with exceptionally wide tonal range created by special sound posts beneath the bridge. The sound is reproduced acoustically in the body, then electrically projected by the super-sensitive Hagstrom pickups.

1968 Hagstrom guitar catalogue page 3 - Details of the Hagstrom V-1, V-2, C-1 and C-2 Viking and Concord series guitars

Bibgsby Tremolos
Gibson PAF pickups
Gibson PAF pickups
Kluson tuning keys
Kluson tuning keys

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Jon Comment left 2nd February 2018 14:02:51 reply
Traded my H II in on a Viking in 69, it was made Jan 68 #986 out of a run of 1001 and I still have it, still looks good and plays great, although it could use some newer / better pick-ups. Those old singles don't produce a lot of volume. You just can't complain about the Hagstrom neck, or that Viking body



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