Hagstrom F-200, F-300 guitars and F-400 bass

Hagstrom 1968 catalog page 4: solid body electric guitars and basses

Hagstrom guitar 1968 guitar catalogue, page 4. Three solid body instruments are shown on this page: the dual pickup Hagstrom F-200, and the three pickup F-300 guitars and the F-400 bass. This is an American catalog, produced by Unicord of New York. Outside the US, the guitars are designated HII, HIII and HIIB respectively - the name Hagstrom III can clearly be seen on the headstock of the central guitar in the image below.

These instruments sold well for Hagstrom, and were available in Black, Sunburst, Red, White and Blue. 1968 prices were: F-200 $195, F-300 $215; F-400 bass $195. Left handed versions of the F-300 and F-400 are offered at $235 and $215 respectively, but limited to Red, Black and Sunburst finishes. Note, these prices are unchanged from two years earlier - see pages 6-7 of the 1966 Hagstrom catalog.

F-200 Thin body double cutaway with the fast slim-line neck features two adjustable pickups for balanced frequency response in all tonal ranges.

F-300 This model gives a wider variety of tonal effects and added brilliance.

F-400 Dramatically deep tone

1968 Hagstrom guitar catalogue page 4 - details of the Hagstrom F200 and F300 guitars and F400 bass

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