Hagstrom guitar 1968 catalogue page 8

Hagstrom F-800 eight string bass guitar

Hagstrom 1968 guitar catalog, page 8. The back cover of the 1968 catalog has details of an exciting new instrument, the Hagstrom eight string bass guitar. This model was given the designation H-8 in Europe and F-800 in the United States.

Tune in octaves, thirds, fiths, sevenths, or any harmonic tuning to create an unlimited variety of sounds and special effects for which two guitars are normally used. The eight string bass is more than a bass. It's a bass plus your imagination and creativity. Used by top performing groups.

The H-8 bass had a list price of $250 in 1968.

1968 Hagstrom guitar catalogue page 8 - Hagstrom F-800 eight string bass guitar

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