Harmony 956, 1310, 1325, and 1456 arched-top acoustics

Page 14 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

Part of a two-page spread on Harmony Grand Auditorium arched guitars. Illustrations of four full-bodied jazz instruments: the 956 Montclair Professional, 1310 Brilliant (with cutaway), 1325 Monterey Grand Auditorium, and 1456 Monterey Professional - with descriptions appearing on the facing page. These were all large-bodied instruments with a 16 1/2" body width and either 40 1/2 or 41" length.

As with all Harmony guitars of this period, they were produced in Chicago, USA. In general they were good guitars, not in the same league as Gibson perhaps, so markedly more affordable. 1965 prices for these guitars were Montclair Professional: $72.50; Brilliant: $115; Monterey Grand Auditorium: $62.50 and 1456 Monterey Professional: $81.50. At the same time, Gibson's cheapest arched acoustic was the L48 at $159.50, whilst the most expensive, the Super 400CN was $835.

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 14 - Harmony 956, 1310, 1325, and 1456 arched acoustic guitars

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