Harmony 945, 950, 1213, and 1215 arched-top acoustics

Page 16 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

Four arched top auditorium guitars are shown here, each a shade smaller than the grand auditorium models shown on page 14 (15 3/4" body width, compared to 16 1/2"). Finishes vary for each guitar. The Harmony Master 945, priced at $43.50, has a typical Harmony two-tone sunburst finish, in contrast to the Monterey Leader 950 at $52.50, which sports attractive grain patterning, described as a "Black polished finish with contrasting grained reddish highlights".

Archtone Model 1213 has a shaded brown mahogany finish, model 1215 has "shaded reddish mahogany finish with the top grained to resemble spruce". Both are priced at just $38.75

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 16 - Harmony 945 Master, 950 Monterey Leader and 1213 and 1215 Archtone acoustics

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