H66, H70, H74

Page 4 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

Harmony professional grade cutaway electric guitars. This catalogue page (along with the facing page) shows a selection of Harmony dual-pickup semi-acoustic thinline guitars: the Vibra Jet H66 (with built-in electronic tremolo effect), Meteor H70 and Neo-Cutaway H74. The descriptions are placed on the opposite page, along with another similar guitar, the Roy Smeck H73. On the face of it, these guitars are very similar, but note the difference between the top cutaway (the neo-cutaway) of the H74 and H66.

Harmony listed some of the features of these guitars as follows:

• Double pickups designed in cooperation with De Armond • "Ultra-slim" necks with adjustable torque-lok dual reinforcing rods • "Ultra-thin" tone chamber bodies • "Ultra-slim" fingerboards - uniform feel - short scale for easy chording

Pricing for these models at the time of printing were as follows: Vibra Jet, $179.50; Meteor, $175; Neo-cutaway, $219.50

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 4 - Hofner Committee

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