H73 Roy Smeck signature

Page 5 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

This page gives the descriptions for the three guitars pictured on the previous page: the H66, H70 and H74. It also illustrates and describes the Roy Smeck signature 6-string, the H73.

Roy Smeck was a vaudeville performer of the early twentieth century; he was actually better known for playing the lap steel guitar, and harmony also produced a Roy Smeck signature lapsteel (see page 11). The H73 is rather similar to the H74: both have the same neo-cutaway body and neck, however the H73 is finished with opaque Mandarin Red finish, with a Roy Smeck signature on the top bout. The tailpiece is a type W vibrato instead of the bigsby.

At the time of production of this catalogue, the H73 was placed as the cheapest of the professional grade cutaway electric guitars, listed at $172.50, compared to $219.50 for the H74.

For the professional, or the player on his way up, Roy Smeck, "Wizard of the Strings", stage and recording star, endorses this versatile model

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 5 - H73 Roy Smeck signature

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