Harmony Rocket and H22 bass

Page 7 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

Descriptions and pricing for four versions of the 'ultra-thin cutaway' Harmony Rocket, illustrated on the previous page. The models are Rocket 1, single pickup; Rocket II, double pickup; Rocket VII, double pickup with vibrato; and Rocket III, triple picklup.

Also shown is the H22 bass guitar; the only bass included in the 1965 catalogue.

Designed for the guitar or string bass player to "double" on a second instrument. Comfortable auditorium size, ultra-thin hollow tone chamber body - laminated maple top and back

At the time of printing, prices were as follows, H53: $84.50; H54: $117.50; H56: $134.50; H59: $144.50 and the H22 bass: $104.50.

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 7 - Harmony Rocket, H22 bass

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