Harmony Silhouette solid body guitars

Page 8 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

The Harmony Silhouette solid body series consisted of four models, the first three of which are shown on this page. The simplest, the Harmony H14 and H15, had one and two De Armond Golden-Tone pickups respectively, each with a separate volume and tone control. They have a fixed tailpiece and floating rosewood bridge. These guitars were finished in Shaded Walnut "which lets the natural maple grain show through". The third guitar illustrated on this catalogue page is the H17: effectively the same guitar as the H15, only with a Type W vibrato and a Shaded Cherry Red rather than Walnut finish. The accompanying text for these guitars are included on the facing page.

At the time of printing, the H14 was listed at $64.50, the least expensive guitar in the 1965 Harmony catalogue. The H15 was listed at $87.50, the H17 $127.50.

Profile styled for beauty and ease of playing. Modern design and De Armond electronics for speed and response to give you what you want for todays music and playing style!

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 8 - Harmony Silhouette solid body guitars, H14, H15, H17

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