Harmony Silhouette solid body guitars

Page 9 of the 1965 Harmony Catalogue

Page 9 gives details of the Harmony Silhouette models illustrated on the previous page; it also shows an image of the most luxurious Harmony solid body guitar, the Silhouette H19. This high-end Silhouette has the same body style as the other guitars in this series, but is actually slightly larger, and with much better hardware and ornamentation. All guitars were 1 1/2" thick, but the H19 was 13 1/4" x 39 1/4" compared to 12 3/4" x 36 3/4" of the other Silhouettes. Necks have block, rather than dot, position markers and scratchplates are laminated tortoise shell rather than just white.

The Fretboard is listed as rosewood for the H19, whilst not specifically mentioned for the H14, H15 and H17; these most likely used ebonized maple.

Harmony call the H19 vibrato a Type H, presumably a reference to the manufacturer Hagstrom of Sweden; these quality tailpieces were also widely used on guitars by Hagstrom and Guild throughout the 1960s. The adjustable metal bridge is also by Hagstrom, and fixed into the body wood; again far superior to the floating rosewood bridge of the other three models. Bigsby vibratos are also listed as an option.

Pickups are still by De Armond (made by Rowe in Toledo, Ohio), but the "moustache"-type with adjustable polepieces.

The H19 was a fine quality guitar, listed in this catalogue at $177.50; it would be competing with guitars such as the double pickup Gibson Melody Maker at $184 (vibrola model, February 1965) and the Fender Mustang also at $184 (December 1965)

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1965 Harmony Catalogue page 9 - Harmony Silhouette solid body guitars, H14, H15, H17 and H19

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