Hayman 4040

Solid body electric bass guitar

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Bob Lett Comment left 9th October 2014 07:07:22 reply
Looking for a hayman 4040 bass in playable condition.
jim mcdermott Comment left 22nd July 2014 22:10:13 reply
Have a Hayman 4040 bass (Blonde) with plexiglass pick up and bridge covers,Hayman plastic inserts in head stock very good condition serial No.denotes made in 1972.also have a 2020 in very good condition.Any one interested.
John Marhilano Comment left 8th July 2014 18:06:32 reply
Does anybody have a Smoked Perspex(Plexiglass) for a Bridge and Pick Up covers? For a Hayman 40/40. Thanks!
paul Comment left 23rd March 2012 07:07:12 reply
Hi Anybody got bits for a Hayman 40/40 bass. scratchplate, pickup and any electrics bits would be greatly appreciated. ta Paul
dom Comment left 8th July 2018 07:07:33 reply
Hi. if your still looking scratch plate and pick ups on eBay right now. Im looking for a hayman 40 40 bass bridge. Thanks