Hofner Colorama

solid body electric guitar

The Hofner Colorama range of solid body guitars was first offered in 1958 and it underwent numerous changes in design, construction, and materials throughout the years of production. Generally one and two pickup versions were available, with optional vibrato available in some incarnations

One of best guitars designated Colorama was first shown in the 1960 Selmer catalogue, but perhaps not shipped much beyond 1961. It was a well made guitar, Gibsonesque in looks (have a look at the Les Paul Junior in the 1960 Gibson catalogue), with it's dark cherry finish and double cutaway body style, but also Gibsonesque in construction and materials, having a hardwood body, mahogany set neck and rosewood fingerboard. It had "the styling todays guitarists demand" and was not too highly priced. Sounds perfect, but it was only short-lived, quickly being replaced by a similar looking model, but with a much cheaper to prodce bolt-on maple neck.

By 1964 the body style had changed to an offset cutaway. With the earlier change to a bolt-on, the transition from 'Gibson' to 'Fender' was complete in just a few short years!

Hofner instruments were distributed in the UK and throughout the commonwealth by the largest British musical instrument company Selmer. They produced their own Selmer brand amplifiers, but also distributed guitars by Fender, Gibson, Hagstrom and of course Hofner; but Selmer Hofner guitars sometimes differ from those in many European and American catalogues and have there own model names. The European equivalent to the Colorama was the Hofner 163 and 164.

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Gibson leather/suede strap

Gibson leather/suede strap

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Hofner Colorama for sale

Hofner President 1959 - completely original and superb condition.



Hofner President I have a collection of Hofners which I have owned for many years because they are just lovely looking guitars and also are very good playing guitars too. But as I have rather a lot of guitars in my collection I am beginning to reduce the number somewhat reluctantly, but its now necessary. This Hofner President is in an amazing condition in every way - it has had a very good life and has been taken care off from the beginning of its life and consequently is beautiful. It is ... more

Vintage 1950s Zenith Super 33 Deluxe MINT Sunburst Guitar w Hofner Pickup 4 8lbs



Vintage 1950s Zenith Super 33 Deluxe MINT Sunburst Guitar w Hofner Pickup 4 8lbsSuper rare 1950s Super Deluxe guitar, made in West Germany by Framus for UK importers and distributors 'Boosey & Hawkes'. This was the top of the range model, and you can seriously see how. These are often seen with 'Zenith' on the headstock, but certain ones were made for the export market into the UK and had no brand. This is one of the unbranded versions of the Zenith Super Deluxe, complete with a working after ... more

Rare 1960s Vintage Höfner 172 Super Solid Electric Guitar w / original hard case



Rare circa 1963 Höfner 172 Super Solid electric guitar with serial no. 303, finished in “Red Glow” lacquer, with a clear lacquer neck. It’s the same model that Mark Knopfler’s father bought him as his first electric guitar when he was aged 15. I bought this guitar in about 1972 but it's time to find it a new home. For a 50 year old guitar it's in excellent condition and plays well, with no dings and is 100% original. I’ve had the coils rewound by a professional Luthier, who is also a... more

70's HOFNER STR T - 44 mm super wide neck



70's HOFNER PROJECT - made in GERMANY: * 4 piece sandwich ash body, has extra routs * maple neck with rosewood fingerboard - extra wide dimensions = 44 mm * newer set of Schaller tuners installed * logo has part of the O missing * BODY & NECK WILL BE TAKEN APART FOR SHIPPING Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen § 1 Allgemeines 1. Für die Geschäftsbeziehungen zwischen der Firma music-outlet-shop und dem Kunden gelten die nachfolgenden allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen in ihrer jeweils gültigen ... more

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Gibson leather/suede strap

Gibson leather/suede strap

The perfect strap for your vintage Gibson guitar. 2019 Gibson quality

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