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If you think of a Hofner bass, you most likely think of Paul McCartney and the Beatles. But Hofner actually made a large number of solid and semi acoustic bass guitars throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The semis are definitely better known, but with Hofner's decades of violin manufacture, this is hardly surprising. Hofner semi acoustic basses do have a very distinctive sound and feel to them as they are played; and this in turn affects what is played.

For further details of different Hofner basses follow the links below

Solid body

Hofner 185/S bass
Hofner Artist bass
Hofner Professional bass

Hollow body

Hofner 500/1 bass
Hofner G500/1 bass
Hofner 500/2 bass
Hofner 500/4 bass
Hofner 500/5 bass
Hofner President bass
Hofner Senator bass
Hofner Verithin bass
Hofner Artist bass
Hofner Committee bass

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simon jones Comment left 24th June 2012 16:04:39 reply
I'm looking for a Hofner Committee bass, preferably in the United Kingdom. Can anybody help me?