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Hofner 500/1 Beatle bass

hollow body electric bass guitar

Hofner bass guitar 500/1
The Beatles
This 1967 Vox advertisment shows George Harrison and Paul McCartney - with his Hofner violin bass
Hofner guitar catalog
The guitar and bass catalog of the same year shows Paul Mcartney, with the quotation, "Hofner is just great".

The Hofner 500/1, also known as the Hofner violin bass, or Beatle bass, was first produced in 1956. Hofner had made violins and guitars for many years in Germany, but it wasn't until Gibson produced its EB bass in 1953 that the idea of a violin-shaped bass guitar was realized. Hofners version, the 500/1 came out in 1956, and thanks to the endorsement of Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Hofner became the manufacturer syonomous with violin basses, despite Gibsons earlier effort, and great instruments form Vox, Eko and others

The following description comes from the 1967 Hofner guitar catalogue

A crowning achievement! A lightweight acoustic instrument shaped like a violin and tuned G, D. A, E like the last four strings of a guitar but an octave lower. The small acoustic body is perfectly proportioned and has arched spruce top and maple back in shaded brown, highly polished. The narrow neck is carefully made with comfortably fast 30" scale and fitted with rosewood fingerboard, celluloid bound.

The 2 microphone pickups are built on the double pole, double coil principle for greatest effectiveness. The control plate has 2 volume controls and 3 slides for quick blending and selection. Handle the 500/1 once and you'll understand why it has become the first choice of so many performers

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Hofner basses for sale

US ebay listings

1965 Hofner Beatle Bass, Model 500/1 (#HOF0004)

Current price: $2995.00
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Time left: 13d 18h 38m
1967 Hofner 500/1 Beatle bass

Current price: $1400.00

Time left: 6d 20h 33m
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UK ebay listings

1965 Hofner Beatle Bass, Model 500/1 (#HOF0004)

Current price: £2017.51
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Time left: 13d 18h 38m
Luthiers Construction Plans for Hofner type violin Style Bass guitar

Current price: £10.99
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Time left: 9d 14h 21m
HOFNER tuning Bass guitar 185 Artist Original Vintage 60's tuner machine head

Current price: £9.90
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Time left: 7d 12h 50m
2 HOFNER guitar or bass Support pickup Original Vintage 60's

Current price: £7.90
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Time left: 4d 13h 12m
HOFNER neckplate guitar or bass Original Vintage 60's

Current price: £5.90
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Time left: 6d 15h 23m
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Petri Hukkanen Comment left 20th June 2012 19:07:10
My friend is 1963 HOFNER MODEL 500/1 LEFT-HANDED BASS GUITAR.For sale.????

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