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Hofner 1967 guitar catalogue

16 pages of electric guitars, basses, acoustics, mandolins and lute

Catalogue Index

  1967 Hofner catalogue cover
1967 Hofner catalogue page 2 1967 Hofner catalogue page 3
1967 Hofner catalogue page 4 - Hofner 430, 420, 450/12 1967 Hofner catalogue page 5 - Hofner 480, 481
1967 Hofner catalogue page 6 - Hofner 620 620/12 1967 Hofner catalogue page 7 - Hofner 320, 330, 340
1967 Hofner catalogue page 8 - Hofner 360, 360WB, 370, 370WB 1967 Hofner catalogue page 9 - Hofner 360/12, 360/12WB, 370/12, 370/12WB
1967 Hofner catalogue page 10 - Hofner 362/12, 4080 1967 Hofner catalogue page 11 - Hofner 4080/12
1967 Hofner catalogue page 12 - Hofner 1967 Hofner catalogue page 13 - Hofner
1967 Hofner catalogue page 14 - Hofner 1967 Hofner catalogue page 15 - Hofner
1967 Hofner catalogue page 16 - Hofner  

Fine professional guitars and electric basses

This 16 page catalogue was produced for the US market, and prices are included in dollars. With the enormous worldwide importance of the Beatles at this time, the endorsement of Paul McCartney pushed basses right to the front of the companys considerations and indeed this catalogue. Hofner had of course made very many other instruments for a very long time, but then, and now, they were best known for the 500/1 violin bass.

One interesting development in mid 1960s guitar manufacture was the inclusion of effects circuitry within the guitar itself. By 1967 this was not especially new, but along with Vox, Hofner were one of the first companies to widely offer guitar effects across a wide range of their guitar line.

The 1967 Hofner Fine professional guitars and electric basses catalogue featured the following instruments. Click on the images for full size versions, or click on the model names below for more about each instrument

Hofner Basses:
Hofner 500/1, 500/2, G500/1,
Hofner 500/8BZ, B500/8BZ, 500/6, 185-S

Hofner Electric Guitars:
Hofner 172, 173, 176, 177
Hofner 459VTZ, 459TZ, G459VTZ, G459TZ
Hofner 4500, 4560, 4680, 4700
Hofner 4572, 4578, B4578
Hofner 4574VTZ, 4575VTZ, 4600
Hofner 125, 126, 457/12, 457SE2, 470SE2, 467SE2

Acoustic Instruments:
Hofner 450-S, 457-S, 470-S, 467-S
Hofner 408, 420 (Lute), 545, E545 (Mandolin)
Hofner 448, 489, 491, 496
Hofner 490, 492, 492E
Hofner E484
Hofner 484, 487, 493, 497, 498, 4980, 514H

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