Hofner guitar pickguards

Details of pickguards used on vintage Hofner guitars

1961-1965 Verithin

1962 Hofner Verithin pickguard

Five-ply black/white/black/white/black scratchplate suitable for Venetian cutaway versions of the Hofner Verithin. It has a thickness of 1/8" (approx 3.2mm).

1962 Hofner Verithin pickguard

Single ply plastic tortoiseshell scratchplate for mid sixties (1963-65) Hofner President. It has a thickness of 1/8" (approx 3.2mm).

Please read before printing out the templates

  • The template images on this site are designed to print at the correct size without any modification. They are traced on 1mm/1cm square paper, to facilitate accurate reproduction. Make sure that the background squares are the correct width wide before making your pickguard. Some printers may scale the image which will obviously give you an incorrectly sized guard. Check any printing options for settings that prevent this.
  • Screw-holes can vary from instrument to instrument, so it is generally best to cut out your paper template, then lay it over your bass. If the screw holes do not line up, you can then easily mark new ones on your template.
  • Watch out for perpendicular and revealed (bevelled) edges. Most guards only have the bevelled edge where they are NOT up against the neck, pickup or pickup mounting ring.
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