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Ovation Electric Guitar and Bass List

Instruments manufactured by Ovation

Fiber-Glas replaces wood - Ovation guitars had a rounded Lyrachord back, a point that they emphasised in early advertising. See other vintage Ovation adverts here.
Ovation Breadwinner
The Ovation Breadwinner debuted in 1972, as the companies first solid body guitar
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Ovation Guitars

Ovation are relative newcomers to the world of vintage guitars, only launching their range at the 1967 NAMM show in Chicago. Ovation started as an off-shoot of founder Charles Kamen's work in the aviation field, studying vibration and resonances in helicopter blades. Whilst other respected American manufacturers relied heavily of quality nautral products and the artistry of their master luthiers, Ovation came very much from a science and engineering perspective: they used oscillographs to test existing instruments, and came up with the famous Ovation rounded back design, and suggested the use of a synthetic material, Lyrachord, claiming it to be more resonant that any wood.

The following description comes from the publicity for Ovation's NAMM show debut, Chicago 1967:

Ovation Instruments is a Division of Kaman Corporation, a major supplier to the United States government of military helicopters, rescue equipment, electronic components and other aerospace products. There are eight divisions of Kaman, participating in such diverse industries as commercial transportation, nuclear sciences, space medicine, education and social sciences, oceanography and, most recently, recreation.

Production was based in Hartford Connecticut, initially producing acoustic guitars, the first being the Ovation Balladeer, quickly following them with electric semi-acoustics such as the Ovation Thunderhead guitar and Typhoon bass. The first solid body, the Ovation Breadwinner appeared in 1972.

Manufacture continued throughout the 1970s, with parent company Kaman expanding into other areas of musical instrument production (at points owning Hamer and Trace-Elliot). Today Ovation concentrate on their acoustics only.

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Ovation Breadwinner
Ovation Deacon


Ovation advertisements


1975 Ovation solid-body catalogue

US ebay listings

Free Shipping!! Very Rare!! Ovation 1979 Preacher Natural Vintage Guitar β

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1979 Ovation 1112-1 Balladeer Custom

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1971 Ovation Breadwinner Prototype Guitar 1 of 12 made for The Partridge Family

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Vintage Ovation Breadwinner electric guitar International Shipping

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1970s Vintage Ovation Viper Sunburst W/ Original Case

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1970s OVATION UKII Solidbody Electric Guitar Model 1291 UK2 USA MADE GREENBURST

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VINTAGE 1970s Ovation Preacher Deluxe Solidbody Electric Guitar & Hardcase RARE!

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Modified 1970's Ovation Preacher Right Handed Guitar

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craig hanus Comment left 9th March 2015 09:09:35
I hav a Ovation electric bass. Its been in the original case for 26 years. I dont know the year. model #1451-8. any idea of value

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