the Hofner bass

Page 12 of the 1960 Selmer Catalog

Selmer 1960 Hofner and Futurama catalogue, page 12. Details of the Hofner bass; at this stage in Hofner history, the semi acoustic basses produced for the UK market were simply known as the 'Hofner bass'. The two models (single and dual pickup) would become the Senator and President basses respectively. Two finish options are listed, blonde (natural) and brunette (sunburst).

As with all the guitars listed in this catalogue, the improvements described on page 2 are also features of this bass; Super response (toaster) pickups and an adjustable truss rod.

Although electric bass guitars had been around for most of the 1950s, including, for several years by Hofner, Selmer still felt the need to describe the instrument for potential buyers:

The Electric bass guitar is currently enjoying a great deal of popularity. The instrument has opened up a whole new field for fretted instrument players. Widely used in America it is tuned like a bass identical with the third, fourth, fifth and sixth strings of the guitar. The provision of frets ensures accuracy of intonation and means the guitarist can play this new instrument right away.

1960 Selmer Hofner guitar catalog page 6 - details of the Hofner bass guitar
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