Hofner features: Slenda Nek, adjustable truss rod, "Super Response" pickups, thinline bodies

1960 Selmer catalog page 2

Selmer 1960 catalogue. Page 2. Adjustable truss rods had been widely used by Gibson since the 1920s, but even 1950s Hofner guitars did not have them. Necks without a metal adjustable rod were generally thicker, and less comfortable to play, or difficult to set-up. The 1960 Selmer catalogue announces the inclusion of the new Hofner truss rods to the UK guitar-buying public for the first time, also introducing the thinner 'slenda-nek' necks. These were big improvements in guitar design, bringing Hofner in line with more expensive guitars from the US (such as Gibson, Fender and Guild), and a step above many of the European manufacturers still without.

The new "Super Response" pickups (or Toaster pickups as they are often known), were produced by another German manufacturer, Franz Pix, but were only used for a short period in 1960 and 1961.

Along with thinline bodies (another Gibson innovation) and new pickups, the 1960s Hofner range was certainly keeping up with competition from the rest of the world.

1960 Selmer Hofner guitar catalog page 2 - details of some new Hofner features

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