The Hofner Committee

Page 4 of the 1960 Selmer Catalog

Selmer 1960 Hofner and Futurama catalogue. Page 4. Details of the Hofner Committee. The characteristic 'high-end' frondose headstock signifies this to be one of Hofners better guitars, perhaps not quite in the same league as the Golden Hofner on the preceding page, but well-built and highly appointed none-the-less. This headstock design was discontinued in 1963, in favour of a more regular shape (see a 1964 Hofner Committee in the 1964 Selmer catalogue). Like the Golden Hofner, it typically had a carved spruce top and maple back, neck and sides, and an ebony fingerboard; though hardware was nickel plated rather than gold.

Again, the 1960 Committees were the first to have the adjustable truss rod and "Super Response" pickups.

Available either as a full-bodied guitar (3"), or a thinline (with a "T" in the model designation), in a choice of two finishes: blonde (model 395, or T395) and brunette (model 396 or T396). Blonde was effectively a natural finish, whilst brunette was a browner sunburst. Again, an acoustic version is listed later in this catalogue.

1960 UK Hofner Committee price - blonde models: 65 gns.; brunette models: 63 gns.

A committee of Britain's top six guitarists contributed to the specification of this fine instrument

1960 Selmer Hofner guitar catalog page 4 - details of the Hofner Committee
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