Hofner Verithin

Page 5 of the 1960 Selmer Catalog

Selmer 1960 Hofner and Futurama catalogue. Page 5. Thinline guitars were all the rage in the late 1950s, after Gibson introduced models such as the ES-330TD and ES-335TD, and Hofner followed suit by offering thin versions of many of their archtop cello guitars. But the biggest nod towards the ES series was the Hofner Verithin, with its similar construction, styling and components. It had a body thickness of just 1 1/4" which was actually 1/2" thinner than the Gibson, and was completely hollow - aligning it to the ES-330 rather than the 335/345/355, which all had maple center blocks to reduce feedback.

The Verithin was a new model for 1960 and this is it's first catalogue inclusion; all were fitted with the latest Hofner innovations highlighted in this catalogue: adjustable truss rod and "Slender-nek". Pickups were the same "Super Response" or "toaster" single coil units fitted to the rest of the Hofner range at this time.

One finish is listed in this catalogue, Russet Mahogany, although the more commonly seen Cherry Red was available almost immediately in 1960.

1960 UK Hofner Verithin price - 52 gns.

Run your fingers over the frets and you'll feel the superb proportions of the wonderful "Slendernek" on this elegant instrument. Only craftsmen like Hofner - steeped in years of traditional skill - could combine this with the modern functional lines of this magnificent instrument

1960 Selmer Hofner guitar catalog page 5 - details of the Hofner Committee
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