Futurama Duo

Page 13 of the 1964 Selmer Catalogue

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Selmer 1964 Hofner and Futurama catalogue, page 13. Details of the Futurama Duo. Futurama was a brand badged as such for the UK distributor Selmer. Guitars were made either in Czechoslovakia (in this case by CSHN) or Sweden by Hagstrom (see the next page for some Hagstrom-made Futurama guitars)

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1964 Selmer Catalogue page 13 - Futurama Duo

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stephen Comment left 29th December 2015 08:08:56 reply
hi my dad bought me a red futurama duo from autys guitar shop in the arcade at dewsbury west yorkshire in about 1962/1963 i remember it was a futurama duo but i dont remember it saying it was a futurama 11 so could you tell me was there a futurama duo and a futurama duo 11 or is it the same guitar i am 69 in april 2016 so its a long time ago,i sold mine to a second hand shop called the contact shop in leeds around 1967 for £5 i think it cost around £25 or £35 pounds new at that time i would love to see one again as they say you never forget your first love almost 50 years since i sold it and i dont think there as been more than a few weeks that i have not thought about it any way please let me know about the duo and the duo 11 many thanks, Stephen.