Futurama Bass De Luxe

Page 15 of the 1964 Selmer Catalogue

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Selmer 1964 Hofner and Futurama catalogue, page 15. Details of the Futurama Bass De Luxe; a solid-body electric bass guitar manufactured by Hagstrom of Sweden, and rebranded Futurama for sale in the UK by Selmer (London)

A bass guitar that’s all you could ask for at a price that makes good sense. Four string model with two live response pick-ups for depth and quality of tone. New style control panel with mute and 10 stage volume control. Adjustable bridge and the special King’s neck with expandable stretcher. Terrific sound, terrific appearance. Available in glowing red or cool blue.

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1964 Selmer Catalogue page 15 - Futurama Bass De Luxe

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