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Page 3 was dedicated to the electric version of the Hofner Committee, model 5123; Hofner's absolutely finest guitar; well-built and ornately decorated. There was also a fully acoustic version of this guitar (see page 19) without the pickups and associated controls. This was a full-body guitar with a depth of 3 1/4", although also available as a thinline at the same price. The model had undergone some significant changes since the previous year. Compare this guitar with examples pictured in earlier catalogues (for example the 1960) - the most immediate change is the headstock design, now greatly simplified; but also the new 'Nova-sonic' pickups, new design tailpiece and standardised vol-vol-tone-tone controls. The newer Committee also has a slightly larger body size in comparison to previous incarnations.

A committee of Britain's top six guitarists contributed to the specification of this fine instrument which now incorporates an outsize famous classic Hofner head

United Kingdom list price (1964) for the Committee in either thin or full body depth was 68 gns. for Brunette (sunburst) or 70 gns. for Blonde (natural).

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Hofner Committee - 1964 Selmer Catalogue page 3

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