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In 1964, the Hofner Verithin was available with (Verithin stereo), and without (Verithin 64) stereo circuitry, models 5128 and 5127 respectively. The Hofner range had just undergone several changes in specification, though the Verithin had not been subject to as major revisions as the Committee (shown on the previous page), keeping the same body size and appointments, though it was now fitted with the new 'Nova-Sonic' pickups, more user-friendly 'vol-vol-tone-tone' controls, and an optional Bigsby tremolo tailpiece. Compare this guitar with the example pictured in the 1960 Selmer catalogue, here.

The adoption of stereo circuitry was clearly a response to the higher end thinline guitars offered by Gibson at the time, the ES-345 and ES-355 models had both proved popular since the late 1950s.

The fantastic new Verithin stereo, designed specifically to give that dramatic stereo effect so popular today. Look at these fabulous features! Fine acoustic tone - two Hofner "Nova-Sonic" double pole, double coil pickups for unequalled performance

The model was continually evolving, however, and by 1965 the body (specifically the cutaways) was redesigned to feature a double Florentine cutaway, making it less-335 and more akin to the newly launched Gibson Trini Lopez models. Have a look at the Verithin in the 1966 Selmer catalogue.

1964 UK prices for these models were as follows: Verithin 64: 57 gns. or 67gns with Bigsby. Verithin Stereo: 72 gns. or 82gns. with Bigsby.

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Hofner Verithin - 1964 Selmer Catalogue page 4

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