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Page 5 of the 1964 Selmer Catalogue

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The single Venetian cutaway Hofner President (model 5122) and the non-cutaway Hofner Senator (5121) electric guitars were two of the most popular Hofner models offered by Selmer in the mid-1960s. Both guitars were available as full-bodied instruments (as illustrated) and as thinlines, with no difference in price. Furthermore, each model was also available as a (full body depth) acoustic model with no pickups or controls - see pages 20 and 21.

As with all the electric guitars in this brochure, there had been some upgrades in specification: most notably the change from 'Super-Response' ('Toaster') pickups, to the new design 'Nova-Sonic' units, and from the old Console controls to the more intuitive volume/tone for each pickup layout as used by Gibson, Guild etc. In previous catalogues (see the 1960, for example) the President is fitted with the same Compensator tailpiece as the Senator.

Each model was available in Brunette (sunburst) and Blonde (natural) finishes, and were priced as follows (United Kingdom 1964 pricing): President: Brunette/Blonde 46 gns./48 gns.; Senator: Brunette/Blonde 27 gns./28 gns.

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1964 Selmer Catalogue page 5 - Hofner President and Hofner Senator

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