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Page 6 of the 1964 Selmer Catalogue

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Selmer 1964 Hofner and Futurama catalogue. Page 6. Details of two new Hofner instruments, the Committee bass (model 5149) and Verithin bass (model 5148) - four string versions of the Committee and Verithin guitars shown on pages 3 and 4 of this catalogue. Functionally they were similar to each other: both were fitted with the same new "Nova-Sonic" pickups, and associated controls, but the Committee was more highly appointed with a slightly deeper body (2" compared to 1 1/4" of the Verithin). The Committee is only listed in Brunette (sunburst) finish, without the Blonde (natural) option of the guitar.

So great was the success of the New Committee Electric that it was decided that a bass of the same type should be introduced. It has two "Nova-Sonic" double pole, double coil pickups each with it's own tone and volume controls

Excluding the obvious exceptions, the Verithin bass was broadly the same as the Verithin 64 guitar, having the same body dimensions, including body depth, and the bass-equivalent "Nova-Sonic" pickups and associated controls.

Third member of the famous Verithin family, with that same sleek, slim line and beautiful finish that's admired by guitarists everywhere.

United Kingdom prices (1964) for these two instruments were 57 gns. and 68 gns. - the same prices as the equivalent guitar models.

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1964 Selmer Catalogue page 6 - Hofner Committee and Verithin bass guitars

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