Gibson EB-2 Bass

Page 31 of the 1965/66 Selmer Catalogue

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The EB-2 was the bass companion to the ES thinline guitars such as the ES-335TD (see page 29).

The ultimate in electro-acoustic guitar basses... one that offers the real artist everything. A super-responsive pickup gives thrilling depth and richness, whichat the touch of a two-way button, gives wide tonal range - sharp, throaty or gutteral

The only finish option mentioned for the EB-2 is Sunburst, although US price lists at this time also include the EB-2C (Cherry finish, at an increased price); presumably this variant was not readily available in the UK. At 175 gns., the EB-2 was priced identically to the EB-3 (see page 34); another contrast to 1965 American price lists, which place the EB-3 slightly higher ($325 and $337 respectively).

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1966 Selmer Catalogue page 31, Gibson Barney Kessel electric acoustic guitar

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Vintage Gibson Electric Bass Guitar Semi Hollow Sunburst EB 2

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1967 Gibson EB-2 Bass

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Gibson EB-2, Cherry, Road Worn '65 w/ Original Case

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Gibson EB-2 Sparkling Burgundy Bass, 1967

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Gibson 1967 EB-2 from Japan

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