Gibson EB-0 and EB-3 bass guitars

Page 34 of the 1965/66 Selmer Catalogue

The SG-styled Gibson EB-3 and particularly the EB-0 were very popular instruments in early/mid 1960s Britain, regularly seen in the hands of the beat groups, and later blues rock bands of the decade. In fact it was not until the desire for longer scale basses in the early 1970s that sales of these models started to slip.

The images used in this catalogue are some of the earliest promotional pictures of these basses and are certainly a few years out of date, as they still show these basses with the black (in the case of the EB0) and silvered (EB3) bakelite pickup covers. As of early/mid 1963, these were phased out in favour of a nickel plated metal cover. What's more, the EB3 still has the wide-spaced controls (phased out in 1965) and an unusual varitone knob, perhaps only fitted to the earliest promotional guitars.

Here is the ultimate with ultra thin, contoured body - the Gibson bass. The balanced design adjusts into a natural comfortable playing position with or without strap

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1966 Selmer Catalogue page 34, Gibson EB-0 and EB-3 electric bass guitars

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