1965/66 Selmer Catalogue, Part 1: Hofner

Catalogue of guitars and accessories with UK pricing

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1965/1966 Selmer Guitars and Accessories catalogue. 44 pages, 10" x 8". This catalogue contains guitars produced in numerous contries worldwide, imported for sale in the United Kingdom: guitars branded Hofner (shown on this page), Hagstrom/Futurama/Giannini (see part 2) and Gibson (see part 3), with UK prices included; in guineas (this was still pre-decimalisation, 1 guinea = 21 shillings, or £1.05 in decimalised currency).

Selmer were, at the time, the exclusive distributors for these brands in the UK, and in parts of the Commonwealth. West German manufacturer Hofner was the biggest seller for Selmer, and naturally commands the first and largest section of this catalogue.

Hofner produced numerous models, but those made for distribution by Selmer had their own distinct names and specifications, usually differing somewhat from the equivalents sold in mainland Europe. Although acoustic and solid body guitars are included here, the majority of Hofner instruments listed are semi-acoustics, which had been the mainstay of the range since the 1950s.

A number of new/redesigned models appeared in late 1965 for inclusion in this catalogue: the Ambassador, Verithin 66 and President being the most notable examples; the latter two models changing from the old Venetian cutaway body design to a sharper Florentine cutaway.

It was the final UK catalogue appearance of several models though, most notably the Committee bass, President bass and Artist bass - all dual pickups models, leaving only the Violin bass and the entry-level single-pickup Professional and Senator in the 1968/69 catalogue (see part 4).

Selmer also stocked spare parts and accessories: pickups, tailpieces, strings etc, which appear in the final section of the catalogue.

Part 1

Electric acoustic guitars:
Hofner Committee
Hofner Verithin 66
Hofner Ambassador
Hofner President
Hofner Senator

Electric solid body guitars:
Hofner Galaxie

Hofner Violin bass
Hofner Committee bass
Hofner Verithin bass
Hofner President bass
Hofner Senator bass
Hofner Artist bass
Hofner Professional bass

Acoustic guitars:
Hofner Committee
Hofner President
Hofner Senator
Hofner Congress
Hofner Acoustic
Hofner Electro-Acoustic
Hofner Acoustic 12-String
Hofner Electro-Acoustic 12-String
Hofner Vienna
Hofner Flamenco

Electric Hawaiian guitars:
Hofner Hawaiian Artist
Hofner Hawaiian Standard

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