1965/66 Selmer Catalogue, Part 2: Hagstrom, Futurama and Giannini

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Part 1: Hofner | Part 2: Hagstrom/Futurama | Part 3: Gibson | Part 4: Accessories

1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 18 - Hagstrom Viking semi-acoustic guitar
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 19 - Hagstrom Viking semi-acoustic bass
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 20 - Hagstrom Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 21 - Hagstrom Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic 12-string guitars
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 22 - Futurama De Luxe solid body electrics
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 23 - Futurama De Luxe bass
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 24 - Futurama Duo
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 25 - Giannini acoustic guitars, models 6 and 104
1966 Selmer guitar and bass catalogue page 26 - Futurama cutaway and triple-2 acoustics

Part 3: Gibson guitars

1966 Selmer Guitars and Accessories catalogue. This catalogue contains guitars branded Hofner (see part 1), Hagstrom/Futurama/Giannini (shown here) and Gibson (see part 3). This section shows a number of instruments produced in different locations worldwide. Swedish manufacturer Hagstrom had supplied guitars to Selmer under it's own name, but also under Selmer's own brand Futurama (the De Luxe and De Luxe bass). The Futurama Duo, however, was made by another maker, CSHN of Czechoslovakia. Finally, Giannini, a less well-known brand in the UK, produced guitars in Brazil.

This was the last Selmer catalogue to include Hagstrom and Futurama (irrespective of maker) guitars; by the next catalogue (1968/69) they were gone, with Hagstrom distribution in the UK moving over to another London-based company, Rosetti.

Part 2

Electric acoustic guitars:
Hagstrom Viking

Electric solid body guitars:
Futurama II De Luxe
Futurama III De Luxe
Futurama Duo

Hagstrom Viking bass
Futurama Bass De Luxe

Acoustic guitars:
Hagstrom Acoustic
Hagstrom Electro-Acoustic
Hagstrom Acoustic 12-String
Hagstrom Electro-Acoustic 12-String
Giannini model no. 104
Giannini model no. 6
Futurama Cutaway
Selmer Triple-2 / Triple-3

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