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Instruments branded Supro

Supro guitars were first produced in the 1930s by the National Dobro Corporation (rebranding as Valco in the 1940s), with the first solid body electrics produced in the early 1950s. The company produced guitars with numerous names on the headstock, with Supro and National being the best known. They produced some interesting guitars in the 1960s, including some of the earliest fiberglas-bodied instruments; financial pressure necessitated a merger with Kay of Chicago in 1967, but the new comapany only managed to limp on until 1968, before folding and ending all guitar production.

Instrument List

Supro Guitars

Supro Arlington
Supro Lexington
Supro Normandy
Supro Stratford
Supro Carlisle
Supro Clermont
Supro Croydon
Supro Colt
Supro 12 String
Supro Vagabond

Supro Bass Guitars

Supro Taurus bass
Supro Pocket bass

Supro Steel Guitars

Studio Four
Jet Airliner

Supro Amplifiers

Supro Statesman
Supro Sportsman
Supro Taurus
Supro Thunderbolt
Royal Reverb
Big Star
Super Six

Supro Advertising

Vintage Supro adverts

Supro Catalogues

Supro 1966 Catalogue

US ebay listings

Supro Westbury Electric Guitar! NAMM Show Display Model! MINT!

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Supro Thunderbolt S 6420 Vintage Tube Amp - Excellent Condition

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Supro 1700 Supreme / Comet 1x12 Extension Cab DEMO

Current price: $367.09
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Steve Puttkammer Comment left 12th November 2012 21:09:54 reply
I picked up a vintage Supro single pick up electric guitar and am having a real hard time finding out the year/model. Is there any way you can help me? From what I understand, it is a 1966 or 67?