Vox Apache

Solid bodied Vox electric guitar

Vox Apache electric guitar - from the Vox "precision in sound" catalogue, 1964

The Vox Apache was one of several Vox's experimental guitar designs that did not make the same impression as the Vox teardrop shaped (Phantom mark III) or Vox Phantom guitars, dispite being in the same vein stylistically. It had a similar curved body shape, and it's own unique pointy headstock. It was not a high-end model, though, like the forementioned guitars, rather a mid-level guitar, relatively well equipped with three pickups, but with fairly standard light-weight body, unradiused neck and much the same hardware as the lower priced Vox's: metal covered Vox V1 pickups, with no exposed polepieces, and the Vox Standard tremolo.

Once again, this instrument owes it's name to the Shadows (see the Vox Shadow) who had a massive UK hit with 'Apache' in 1963.

The Apache was UK-built, at the JMI factory in Dartford, Kent, most likely in very small numbers. It was only included in JMI price lists from late 1964 to early 1965, with a starting price of £26 5s - marginally cheaper than the Shadow (£28 7s), and a fraction of the price of the £84 Phantom.

The following description comes from the 1964 Vox catalogue 'Precision in Sound'.

An eye-catching new lightweight guitar designed for ease of handling. Three maximum frequency pickups independently controlled. Fast action flat fingerboard of top quality beech. Fitted with VOX tremolo unit.

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