Vox Challenger

Early 1960s Vox semi-acoustic

Vox Challenger electric guitar - from the Vox "precision in sound" catalogue, 1964

The Vox Challenger was one of the earlist Vox semi-acoustic guitars available, produced by Crucianelli in Italy for Vox. It was only available for two years or so, and was first included in UK price lists in September 1964, with a price of £54 5S. It was finally listed in late 1966. The closest model, in terms of price (at launch, 9/64) was the Super Ace at £47 5S, whilst the Phantom was listed at £84.

Aswell as the Vox Challenger, this guitar was also sold (though with differing tailpiece) as the Crucianelli G-502V, Élite G-502V and Imperial Tonemaster.

The following description comes from 1964 Vox Precision in Sound brochure

A slim body double cutaway model. Two independent maximum-frequency pick-ups; separate tone and volume controls; special micro adjustment bridge; slim-line reinforced neck, with adjustable truss-rod; adjustable fingerplate and individual shrouded machines. Indestructable high-gloss polyester finish.

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