Vox Hurricane V234

Solid body dual-pickup electric guitar

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The Hurricane was an Italian-built Vox, manufactured at the E.M.E Vox plant in Recanati, for the American market. It was a two-pickup version of the three-pickup Vox Spitfire, and like the Spitfire, was named after a Britsh fighter plane from World War II. This was another of Vox's Fender Stratocaster influenced models, less well known than the Vox teardrop and Phantom styles.

The following description comes from the 1966 Vox catalogue

Contoured body, quick flick 3 position pick-up switch, 3 pick-ups, rosewood fingerboard, true spring action vibrato, adjustable string bridges, sunburst or popular colors.


$169.90 (10-7-66)
$169 (15-11-66)

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Vox Super Meteor 1960’s

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1960’s Vox Spitfire

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60's Vox V234 Hurricane V235 Spitfire sunburst guitar body

Current price: $200.00
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Time left: 23d 22h 1m

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