Vox Lynx

Hollow bodied Vox electric guitar

Vox Lynx guitar

In the early 1960s, Vox's parent company JMI, distributed Fender guitars, and most of Vox's own early guitars were solid bodies in the same vein. However, with the rise in popularity of semi-acoustics, driven by the use of American guitars like the Epiphone Casino and Gibson ES-335 by the British beat groups of the mid 1960s, Vox needed semi acoustics of their own. They hired luthier Vic DaCosta, who hand-built the Vox Victor in early 1963, but not in sufficient numbers, Vox needed more, but did not have the capacity to produce them.

The Vox Lynx was one of the earlist Vox semi-acoustic guitars available, launched alongside a bass version the Cougar, and the florentine cutaway Challenger and Escort bass. They were produced by an Italian guitar company Crucianelli, but branded Vox.

Initially they were imported into the United Kingdom, first appearing in the September 1964 JMI catalogue, with a price of £63.

The following description comes from 1964 Vox publicity; Vox 'Precsion in Sound' catalogue

Two independent maximum-frequency pickups; separate tone and volume controls; strings individually vernier-adjustable for length and height; reinforced neck with adjustable truss-rod; compensating tailpiece; adjustable fingerplate and individual shrouded machines. Indestructable high-gloss polyester finish.

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