Vox New Escort

Solid body Vox electric guitar

Vox New Escort electric guitar - from the 1967 Vox guitar catalogue

The Vox New Escort appeared towards the end of UK guitar production, and only appeared once in print; the 1967 Vox guitar and bass catalogue, although it was first shown at the BMI trade fair, August 1965, with a price tag of 75 gns. It's design is clearly influenced by (or is perhaps even a direct copy of) the Fender Telecaster, which is a little surprising; whilst they had produced several Fender-esque designs in the early 1960s (such as the Vox Shadow and Symphonic bass), by this stage Vox were much more famous for their unique designs such as the teardrop Mark VI and Phantom guitars. The reason seems to have been purely down to demand; Jennings (Vox's parent company) had been distributing Fender guitars in the UK until the mid 1960s, and when this arrangement ceased they continued to fill UK demand for Telecasters with their own model.

The most notable New Escort user was Graham Nash of the Hollies who sports one in the video for "I can't let go".

The following description comes from the 1967 Vox catalogue

A new dual pick-up guitar - latest addition to the VOX range - which incorporates all the well-known VOX features PLUS: a high quality sycamore neck adjustable at the head end; very high output moulded pickups; fully adjustable bridge; quick action string cast tailpiece; unique 'Steel Tone' sound. A new patented bridge mounting greatly enhances tone.

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Nick Oerton Comment left 26th July 2013 22:10:43 reply
I have a vox new escort guitar I want to sell its from the 60's in immaculate condition in the original case one of the pick ups isn't working but still a beautiful guitar just wanted to know its value