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The Spitfire (not to be confused with the Spitfire Acoustic, a teardrop-shaped hollowbody produced for the UK market) was an Italian-built Vox, manufactured at the E.M.E Vox plant in Recanati, for the American market. It was more or less a copy of the Fender Stratocaster, and was never as popular as the Vox teardrop and Phantom styles. See also the two-pickup version, the Vox Hurricane, which, like the Spitfire, was named after a British World War II fighter plane.

The following description comes from the 1966 Vox catalogue

Contoured body, quick flick 3 position pick-up switch, 3 pick-ups, rosewood fingerboard, true spring action vibrato, adjustable master bridge channel, 6 individual string bridges, sunburst or popular colors. 2-way string damper.

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Vox Super Meteor 1960’s

Current price: $950.00
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Time left: 2d 5h 38m
1960’s Vox Spitfire

Current price: $750.00
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Time left: 9d 1h 37m
60's Vox V234 Hurricane V235 Spitfire sunburst guitar body

Current price: $200.00
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Time left: 24d 22m
Vintage VOX Tremolo part for Spitfire Phantom Mark VI Hurricane

Current price: $29.99
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Time left: 13d 11h 28m

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