Vox Super Ace

UK-built (JMI) solid body electric guitar

The Vox Super Ace was an upgraded three-pickup version of the Vox Ace, built in the UK by JMI, primarily for British distribution. The Super Ace kept the body shape and dimensions of the Ace, with the difference purely electrical. The additional pickup was in between the two existing pickups - right by the bridge in the earliest examples, and centrally placed from mid-1963.

Like the Ace, the Super Ace was revamped in 1963 with a shorter headstock and new V2 pickups replacing the old non-polepiece V1 pickups at the same time.

This is how the Super Ace was described in the 1962 Vox Choice of the Stars catalog.

Identical specifications to the Ace model but fitted with an additional pick up close to the compensating bridge providing maximum tonal response and variation. Additional controls for the operation of this pick up are also provided.

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1963 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Vox advertisements

Vox Super Ace - Vox Guitars

Vox Super Ace - Vox Guitars (1963)
This advertisement comes from a book: the Shadows modern electric guitar tutor. The Shadows were a very well known British band, and guitarist Hank Marvin invented the Tremolo (you can see his sign...

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Vox Super Ace



Super funky vintage electric! Chimes like some of the higher end "Strat" type guitars Tremolo has a smooth feel to it Action fairly consistent along the length of the neck Missing a few of the dot inlays Scuffed up in a few places, major scuffs pictured. Heads up to those who don't know, the original rotary switch actually rotates 360 degrees, providing the correct pickup selections on three of the settings, and silence on the rest. This is a used instrument, so please understand it may have ... more

1965 VOX Super Ace Faded Red Vintage - superace electric guitar



1965 VOX Super AceMain feature of this one is that the original red colour has almost completely faded back to natural The original red dye can still be seen within control cavities and underneath the bridge cover etc Many marks etc commensurate with age and use Please see photos for condition Sycamore body and neck Rosewood board Offers welcome... more

Vox Ace - made in England - sixties - original and fully working - original case



Vox Ace A rare Vox model is this Ace, dating from the later sixties and made in England. It is a later model than many of the small body Vox models and has the strat shaped body which the earlier models did not have, and the body is thicker too with much more curved edges. Its also a three pickup guitar with different pickups to the earlier chrome covered ones and features a normal jackplug socket. The finish is a darker red than earlier models were, so this is a movement into more contemporary ... more

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Bo T Comment left 8th May 2015 21:09:16 reply
I have a baby blue Vox Super Ace with the original case in MINT condition. (Never played, new old stock. I found it in my grandmother's guest bedroom. It was given to her by Vox in 1965. She said that she posed in advertisements for Vox amplification. She said that they paid her cash, ($2,800 a lot in '65) plus they gave her this guitar because it,"went well with her eye's". She say's that it has NEVER been played and it looks like it. I'm amazed that the paint is not cracked anywhere and the neck is straight as a raging one! It still hasn't been plugged in because I have no amp. Does anyone possibly know what this is worth and how do I tell if it's a '65 or earlier? Thank you.



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