Vox Ace Parts List 1966

A list of components used in the Vox Ace guitar

1962 and 1965 Vox Ace guitars

Two Vox Ace guitars, left: 1963, right: 1965

The solid-body Vox Ace guitar, or V205, continually evolved over the brief period of it's production - just four or five years from 1962. This parts list, issued to American dealers by the Thomas Organ Company and dated March 1966 covers the newer Ace models made from 1964 until the end of UK guitar manufacture in 1967; the sunburst example on the right of the image shown. JMI-produced Vox Ace guitars (made in Dartford, England) were imported into the United States briefly in the early-mid 1960s, before Italian production really took off. The Dartford plant could not cope with worldwide demand for Vox guitars and shortly afterwards the British-built Ace was replaced (in the US at least) by the Eko-built (Italian), but otherwise very similar Vox Hurricane.

A few parts, most notably the de luxe tremolo, remain from the earliest incarnations of the Ace, but most of the parts listed will not fit either the earlier Aces, or indeed the newer Hurricane. Note the inclusion of the Vox V2 pickups, part 09-701-0 and 6-on-a-plate tuning keys - both features of the final incarnation of the Ace.

Two sets of control knobs are listed: the metal knurled knobs (part 09-314-0) fitted to later Aces, and also the earlier black plastic type (part 09-703-0), presumably for older examples. In fact, the black knobs, whilst used on the Super Ace, were not used on the Ace itself; these were fitted with some identical, but differently coloured (white) knobs, part 09-107-0.

Follow the links in the document, to see further details of individual parts, or see other Vox parts lists/ component details here.

1966 Vox Ace parts list
Vox metal control knob Vox V2 pickup Vox black plastic control knob Vox De Luxe tremolo
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