1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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1964 Vox Shadow

Solid-body three pickup electric guitar

Vox Bassmaster main page | 1963 Vox Bassmaster | 1965 Vox Bassmaster | sound clips

Vox Shadow controls

The controls for the Vox Bassmaster are as follows:
[1] Master tone
[2] Master volume
[3] Bridge pickup (Vox V1)
[4] Neck pickup (Vox V1)

British built (JMI) Vox Bassmaster basses were fairly widely available, and along with the Vox Clubman bass made up the majority of UK Vox bass sales. Many UK bass players started out on these instruments; the Bassmaster was cheap, short scale, with a very thin neck, ideal for guitarists swapping to the bass, or just players with smaller hands. The price was also kept low by only employing the simplest of electronics: master volume [1] and master tone [2]. The two pickups [3-4] are identical, and it is not possible to select either pickup individually.

But a good sounding bass none-the-less, very bright sounding - I prefer it with the tone backed off a bit. Listen to the sound clips below.

Vox Bassmaster Soundclips

Vintage Guitar Soundclip:
1965 Vox Bassmaster
through a
1964 Ampeg B-15N

1965 Vox Bassmaster1964 Ampeg B-15N
The Vox Bassmaster has no pickup selector which limits tonal options - but the sounds that are there are great; it really snarls when you dig in with a pick.

Recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone, into an M-audio mobile pre USB interface.

Amp settings volume 5/10, treble 5/10, bass 5/10.

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Vox Bassmaster. Both pickups, volume 10/10, tone 5/10. Fingerstyle.

Vox Bassmaster. Both pickups, volume 10/10, tone 5/10. With pick.

Vox Bassmaster. Both pickups, volume 10/10, tone 0/10. Fingerstyle.

Vox Bassmaster. Both pickups, volume 10/10, tone 0/10. Pick.

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