1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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Vox guitar and bass catalogues


Vox Catalogues

The name Vox has appeared on a numerous guitars made by different companies, primarily JMI in the UK, and Crucianelli, Eko, and EME (for the American market) in Italy, but also some late sixties/early 1970s Japanese guitars. Vox catalogues of the 1960s were produced by JMI (Jennings Musical Industries) in the UK and later Vox Sound Limited, whilst American publicity was produced by the Thomas Organ company. These catalogues represent different periods of Vox's history, and advertising in different geographical regions; once production started at the EME factory, Vox guitars sold in Britain where not the same Vox guitars being sold in the US.

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1962 Vox Choice of the Stars catalogue

The 1962 Vox Choice of the Stars catalogue, probably produced towards the end of 1962, contained a number of guitars not seen in other Vox publicity material. Early versions of the Ace, Super Ace, Stroller and Shadow, that bear little resemblance to better known later versions, and short-lived models such as the Escort and Soloist. Perhaps the most interesting guitars though, are the very early versions of the Phantom, the Phantom I and II (with additional tone switches).

The Shadows Modern Electric Guitar Tutor

The Shadows modern electric guitar tutor. Although not actually a catalogue, this tuition book has a few pages of Vox guitar advertising. It shows some very early UK Phantoms with pole-less V1 pickups

1963 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue

The 1963 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue showed Vox's upgraded range of solid bodies for mid 1963, most with more stratocaster-esque styling. New models since the previous catalogue include the Jumbo acoustic and twelve-string Bouzouki.

1964 UK Vox precision in sound catalogue

1964 UK Vox precision in sound catalogue. Features a number of British-built solid bodies and Italian (Crucianelli) semi-acoustics

1965 US Vox catalogue

1965 Vox King of the Beat US catalogue. This early catalogue features British-built solid bodies and Italian (Crucianelli) semi-acoustics.

1967 Vox catalogue (UK JMI)

1967 Vox guitar and bass catalogue. This was the last Vox guitar catalogue produced by JMI, and features Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones on the cover.

1970 UK Vox catalogue

1970 Vox Sound Ltd UK catalogue. Japanese-built guitars and basses.

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