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1962 Vox Choice of the Stars Catalogue

Fold-out brochure of guitars, basses and amps, made by Vox in the UK (JMI)

Catalogue Index

The 1962 Vox Choice of the Stars brochure, produced by JMI in the UK. This early catalogue, like many Vox (especially US) catalogues that would follow it was a poster-style single sheet of paper. This one measures 19 1/4" x 17" and folds down to 12 panels, each 6 1/2" x 8 1/2".

This catalogue is not dated, but it can be narrowed down, most probably to a production date around late 1962. The Beatles were big by 1963, and Vox were using them in advertising from May of that year. Their absence here certainly means this catalogue was produced before that time. The picture of the Shadows here shows a line-up only in existance between October 1961 and April 1962. So this catalogue must be newer than late 1961. Two guitars also help date this. The Vox Phantom and Vox Victor, which were supposedly only available from late 1962 and early 1963. The fact that the Vox Victor didn't make it into the catalogue proper, but did appear on the cover suggests a model still in, but perhaps at the end of, it's development.

Numerous models are shown that would soon disappear from the Vox line; the Escort and Soloist for example, were deleted before the next UK catalogue in mid 1963. Furthermore the Clubman, Shadow, Stroller, Ace, Super Ace, and Consort were redesigned beyond recognition with new bodies, necks and hardware.

side 1
1962 Vox "Choice of the Stars" brochure - side 1

side 2
1962 Vox "Choice of the Stars" brochure - side 2

The following guitars and amps are listed. Click on the model below to jump to the relevant page.

Electric guitars:
Vox Ace
Vox Clubman I
Vox Clubman II
Vox Duotone
Vox Dominator
Vox Escort
Vox Hawaiian Steel
Vox Shadow
Vox Soloist
Vox Stroller
Vox Super Ace
Vox Consort
Vox Soundcaster
Vox Phantom I
Vox Phantom II
Vox Victor

Vox Bassmaster
Vox Clubman bass
Vox Phantom bass
Vox Symphonic bass

Vox AC4
Vox AC10
Vox AC10 twin
Vox AC15
Vox AC15 twin
Vox AC15 twin bass
Vox AC30 twin
Vox AC30 super twin
Vox AC30 super reverb
Vox AC30 twin bass
Vox Transistor bass T60

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