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1963 Vox Precision in Sound Catalogue

UK produced guitars, basses and amplifiers

Vox 1963 Precision in Sound catalogue

The 1963 Vox Precision in Sound brochure was produced in early Summer 1963. Like the previous Choice of the Stars brochure from late 1962, it was a single sheet of paper folded into six panels; guitars on one side, and amplifiers on the other. The guitar models included are almost exclusively JMI-produced solid bodies, and the Vox Victor, built in small numbers for Vox by luthier Vic Da Costa.

The front cover image is of the Shadows with their Vox amplifiers; at this point still the most famous Vox endorsees, bigger than the Beatles. This image was also used as a Vox amplifier advertisement in July 1963. Of course they used Fender rather than Vox guitars, a point that could easily be missed, especially as so many of Vox's early models were Fender copies, with names like the Shadow, and the misleading text that states that the Shadows 'feature' Vox guitars!

Around this time Vox had completely reorganised their guitar line. A number of guitars had been dropped, a couple added (the Jumbo acoustic and twelve-string Bouzouki) and many more redesigned (and improved in the process): the Vox Shadow, Stroller and Clubman I and II and Dominator were all given the same body style - close to the original Dominator, but with slightly longer horns, perhaps to make it more stratocaster-esque, whilst the Ace and Super Ace were given a new body/neck, but also upgraded V2 pickups.

The early versions of the Phantom, the Phantom I and II guitars were also replaced by one model, simply called the Phantom, now also fitted with upgraded V2 pickups. The teardrop Phantom Mark II guitars were still another year away.

Amplifiers listed include the AC4, AC10, AC15 and AC30, aswell as a number of Domino brand models.

The folds of this brochure do not align with the actual content - click on areas of the images below to see them enlarged

Side 1 contains Vox's range of electric guitars

1963 Vox "Choice of the Stars" brochure - side 1

The following guitars and amps are listed. Click on the model below to jump to the relevant page.

Vox Ace
Vox Bouzouki
Vox Clubman
Vox Dominator
Vox Hawaiian Steel
Vox Jumbo
Vox Shadow
Vox Stroller
Vox Super Ace
Vox Consort
Vox Soundcaster
Vox Phantom
Vox Victor

Vox Bassmaster
Vox Clubman bass
Vox Phantom bass
Vox Symphonic bass

Vox AC4
Vox AC10
Vox AC10 twin
Vox AC15
Vox AC15 twin
Vox AC30 twin
Vox AC30 super twin
Vox AC30 super reverb
Vox Transistor bass T60
Vox Foundation bass
Domino Standard
Domino Reverb
Domino Super Reverb
Domino Bass

Side 2 covers Vox and Domino amplifiers

1963 Vox "Choice of the Stars" brochure - side 2

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