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1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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1964 Vox Precision in Sound Newspaper / Catalogue

Guitar, bass, amplifiers and accessories

Catalogue Index

  1965 Vox guitar and bass catalogue cover
1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 2 1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 3
1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 4 1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 5
1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 6 1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 7
1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue page 8  

The 1964 Vox Precision in Sound catalogue has 8 broadsheet newspaper-style pages, with pop news (Rolling Stones, Beatles, Searchers, Animals), guitars, amps, parts and accessories. It was produced by UK parent company JMI in Dartford, Kent.

This publication comes from the second half of 1964; the photograph of the Rolling Stones was taken in July of that year. Interestingly Brian Jones isn't pictured with his Vox teardrop guitar, despite the fact other images exist of him with it from the same performance. The majority of guitars shown are UK built solid-bodies with just a few Italian (Crucianelli) semis, such as the Vox Challenger, Vox Victory, and Vox Escort bass. This is the first catalogue appearance of some unusual new designs, most notably the Scorpion and Apache models.

The following guitars and amps are listed. Click on the model below to jump to the relevant page.

Electric guitars:
Vox Stroller
Vox Clubman
Vox Duotone
Vox Apache
Vox Shadow
Vox Ace
Vox Super Ace
Vox Consort
Vox Soundcaster
Vox Phantom
Vox Phantom Mark III
Vox Scorpion
Vox Guitar Organ
Vox Lynx
Vox Challenger
Vox Victor

Vox Clubman bass
Vox Bassmaster
Vox Symphonic bass
Vox Phantom bass
Vox Phantom Mark III bass
Vox Cougar bass
Vox Escort bass

Acoustic guitars:
Jumbo Classic

Vox AC4
Vox AC10
Vox AC10 twin
Vox AC15
Vox AC15 twin
Vox AC30 twin
Vox Transistor lightweight twin
Vox AC50 super twin
Vox Foundation bass
Vox Transistor bass T60
Vox AC100 Super De Luxe

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tumbleweed Comment left 20th April 2013 22:10:56
Do you have any details on the Vox Apache, shipping figures, production dates etc. Has anyone ever actually seen one. Do you *know* they even exist?

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