Vox Consort Parts List 1966

A list of components used in the Vox Consort guitar

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The Vox Consort guitar was one of the higher-end British-built (JMI) Vox guitars, retailing at around four times the price of the cheapest (the Stroller) - and comparatively rare today. The parts list reproduced below was produced in March 1966 by the Thomas Organ Co, for dealers in the US.

Although British-made Vox guitars had been imported into America in the early and mid 1960s, they were pretty much replaced by a number of similar Italian-built guitars by late 1965/early 1966. Suitably British-sounding models like the Hurricane and Spitfire were sold in the US, whilst the Consort was still available in the UK right up until 1967.

This parts list applies to later versions of the Consort - many of the parts listed below will not fit the earliest examples, nor the Italian-built replacement models.

Note the circled letter 'J' in the top right corner of this page; this signifies JMI, ie a British made instrument - other parts lists are labbeled 'E' (Eko) or 'C' (Crucianelli) referring to the two Italian makers of Vox guitars at the time.

Follow the links in the document, to see further details of individual parts, or see other Vox parts lists/component details here.

1966 Vox Consort parts list
Vox (JMI) metal control knobs Vox (JMI) V2 pickup

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